Hotel de France in Montmarault near freeway A71

The hotel and the restaurant are located in Montmarault, 30 minutes away by car from Montluçon. It is labelled "Halt Village" and it will guarantee you an unforgettable stay in Allier in the Auvergne region. Our hotel restaurant has a great and convenient location which is at the crossroads between Moulins, Vichy and Montluçon and 40 minutes away by car from Clermont-Ferrand. Hotel de France in Montmarault in the Bourbonnais region welcomes you in a peaceful environment. And its location is 1 minute away from both freeways  A71 and A79 which makes a delightful stop for a pleasant break.  


1 rue Marx Dormoy 03390 Montmarault

Tel : +33 4 70 07 60 26
Email :

An ideal place for your touristic excursions

Enjoy your stay and visit the area. Indeed, Montmarault is the perfect start point for touristic excursions through the architectural and natural patrimony of the Auvergne region with famous sites like the chain of the Puy volcanoes or Vulcania. The Bourbonnais region offers a wide place for people who love hiking in nature. In addition to its location in the Bourbonnais region as well as its label "crossroads village" since the French Revolution, Montmarault has historical landmarks to admire such as the Saint-Etienne church, the Railway Museum or the famous Miquet and Mazelier swamps for a relaxing walk through nature. Then, you'll be able to walk around the forest of Tronçais with ancestral trees and small paths where you 'll see wonders of nature at only 40 minutes by car from the hotel.  

You can also go and meet the wine makers in Montmarault, which is located in the heart of AOC in Saint Pourçain. You'll even be able to taste wine in private caves and watch them work.